Our team have over 25 years’ experience working in Medical Device Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. All our team members have industry experience, working in SMEs, large corporate organisations, Notified Bodies and MHRA


When you come to Patient Guard, you’re not just joining a company, but you are joining a family where there is mutual respects, trust and continual relationship being built through staff and clients, all our consultants have satisfied the requirement for being a Qualified Person in accordance with the MDR, with over 25 years’ experience, collective knowledge and on-going industry contacts. We also offer you a FREE consultation to collect all data we need to build YOUR personalised package, as well as assuring that all Regulatory responsibilities are met throughout the business. You will also be SAVING money working with us as to hire a Quality assurance manager and Regulatory affairs manage can be VERY costly, For example, The average cost of employing a Quality assurance manager in the UK is £41,650 (glassdoor.co.uk, 2018) and for a Regulatory affairs manager in the UK is between £50,000 to £70,000 (prospects.ac.uk, 2018), that’s without any other benefits they may require. Never mind the fact that we will be giving you Free AD HOC advice via email and phone when ever you need through out your contract.

Our Staff

David Small Company Founder & Chairman Owner of Patient Guard Limited 5 Years experience leading the development of Medical devices in the industry 2 years experience working at the MHRA as a higher Medical device specialist 2 years experience working in the NHS as a Biomedical scientist PhD in analytical chemistry Masters Degree in analytical Bio-science and Drug design BSC (HONS) in Biomedical science

Over the next few years industry is going to feel the burden of implementing MDR and IVDR, which is why I started Patient Guard. I believe SMEs can really benefit from a company that can tailor QA & RA services around there unique needs in developing and selling Medical Devices”.


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